Sitting under a mango tree, at the compound of his house, his pores were sipping in the cool breeze coming from the north. The pores widened more to accommodate much breeze to pass through as it collides with his body while he plans the easiest way to commit suicide . “Do I really need this fresh air ?” Mr suicide thought. “I should be locked inside a room where there is no ventilation with the AC switched off. This body does not deserve anything good. I’m tired of this world.Whatever I do fails. If you do not do things right, people will talk; if you do it right, they will still talk. Na wah o, which kine world be dis wan self. God why did you bring me into this world? Why did you make me to be the champion in my mother’s womb. Today should be the last day I should live in this world. What is the best way to kill my self.” He thought with a sad facial expression. “should i go to the railroad when a train is in motion? No. All this people that can’t mind their own business would come and rescue me and I will be arrested for attempted suicide. Should I jump from the bridge? No, I may be rescued before I get drowned. Ah! Yes hanging. Easy and safest way to do it without anyone interrupting.” He stood up and walked into his house. “Let me leave a note to those that claim they love me.” He took a pen, tore a sheet of paper and wrote down all the misfortune he had encountered all through his life in the best way he could summarize. Then he kept the paper on the table where anyone could find it. He went to his waste bin and dipped his hand inside the waste and drew out a rope he had termed “useless”. “Why should I be protective of my hand? Dead person does not need to practise good hygiene.” He thought, with his hand covered with spoilt food. He carried the rope up and looked at it. “Now I know what you are useful for.” He went to his room and tied the rope to an iron that the ceiling fan is fastened to. He climbed a chair and held the rope towards his head.

Jesus! jesus! Yeh! He heard noises and wondered what was happening. He ran out and saw many people running . “What is happening?” He asked but noone answered him. While he was wondering, he turned to the direction they were running from and saw a gigantic wave of water moving faster towards him.

Episode 2 coming up soon. keep your eyes down for the next episode and you will never end up with a frown